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FEMFEELING is defined as a female emotion of sexual joy.

The most important person in your intimate life is YOU. As a woman, you are entitled to experience sexual emotions by nurturing your sexual self. Discover your sexual emotions and experience joyful moments of intimacy with the FEMFEELING method.

In order to experience a FEMFEELING, it is of great importance for you to get to know yourself sexually. It is also essential for you to know which sexual emotions you enjoy and which pleasure points feel best physically. The more comfortable you are with what sexually pleases you, the more enjoyment you are likely to experience in the form of a FEMFEELING. Sexual fantasies are a great tool to discover your sexual emotions.

The FEMFEELING experience is holistic in nature. Wherever FEMFEELINGS begin, in the mind or body, they are usually felt in the genital area as well. FEMFEELINGS may include feelings of happiness and harmony, being in touch with your inner sexual self, having an orgasm, and enjoying the luxury of fantasies. All of these FEMFEELINGS go hand-in-hand with being an emotionally empowered and sexually fulfilled woman. 

Women in general and those coping with sexual difficulties as a result of disabilities, illness, religious or cultural differences are entitled to have and express their sexual emotions.

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