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The FEMFEELING female personal growth program includes:
The FEMFEELING Guide: A Woman's Guide To Romance And Sexual Pleasure, 
The FEMFEELING Female Sexual Anatomy Guide, 
and My FEMFEELING Diary.

The 64-page FEMFEELING Guide and its components offer a unique and holistic step-by-step program of sexual self-discovery. It gives women the tools to enhance emotional sexual pleasure and to create the sexual lives they want. The text of the FEMFEELING Guide allows you to select a topic, think about the topic you have chosen, and plant the seeds for new ways of experiencing sexual joy.

The FEMFEELING educational female personal growth program is an excellent learning tool for mothers who would like to speak to their daughters about sex education. As well as for soon-to-be brides who have abstained from sex education for religious or cultural reasons.

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Foreword by Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Foreword by Dr. Batya Ludman

Foreword by Dr. Hillel Faktor

Preface to the FEMFEELING Guide

About Max Grunberg

What Will the FEMFEELING Guide Do for Me?

How to Use the FEMFEELING Guide

Honoring Yourself
      "Me time"
      Loving yourself

Special Considerations in Romance
Communication: The Vital Link
       Discussing lovemaking
       Expressing gratitude
       The power of words
       Being silent
       Body language
       Facial expression
       Endearing terms and gestures
       How to deal with differences
       Avoid assumptions
       Appreciative listening
       Appropriate timing

The Art of Giving
       Kindness and giving

The Tools of Romance
       Touching / tactile stimulation
       Foreplay, lovemaking,
       Sexual positions
       Pleasure enhancers
       Bedroom attire
       Role play

Spirituality and Romance
Creating a Romantic Atmosphere
       Room temperature
       Walls and ceilings
       Other romantic tips

Making Love Last Forever
       Be positive
       Add romance to your life
       Cultivate enthusiasm

The Pleasure Principle

Sexual Self-Care
       Nurture your body
       Know your body
       Personal appearance
       Nurture your inner self
       Cosmetic surgery
       Lack of sexual pleasure

Knowing Yourself and Your Limits
       Knowing yourself
       Knowing your limits

Expressing Yourself
       Artistic expressionGeneral Resources

Please take a look below at a few sample paragraphs from the FEMFEELING Guide.

Honoring Yourself
Having “me time,” time to concentrate on yourself, will help you discover who you are and allow you to relax. “Me time” can range anywhere from short intervals throughout the day to long stretches of mornings, afternoons or evenings. Visualizing having a good time may lift your mood. Other suggestions for what to do during “me time” include relaxing with a good book, taking a soothing bath or having romantic thoughts. For your own well-being, try to avoid interruptions by phone calls and requests from family and friends during “me time.”

Special Considerations in Romance
Each and every person – regardless of physical, emotional or social limitations, race, age, gender or religion – deserves romance and sexual fulfillment in their life. Discovering who you are
sexually will help you enhance your self-esteem and confidence in your own sexuality.

Communication: The Vital Link
Being open, showing fairness and being sincere are different ways of being honest. Honesty has two different facets:
first you need to be honest with yourself, identifying your own romantic needs and preferences. Only then can you communicate those feelings to your partner and elicit the other’s feelings, opinions and concerns in return. Openly letting your partner know how you truly feel is a good way for you to convey your sexual needs.

The Tools of Romance
There are many ways to express intimacy through touch. Some examples are:
Caressing; Gentle stroking
Hugging: Putting your arms around and holding closely to comfort
Embracing: A passionate form of hugging
Cuddling: Lying close to express warmth, comfort or affection.

Spirituality and Romance
In general, women have a different approach towards sexuality than men. Women tend to attach deep emotional significance to romance and
lovemaking, while men may initially find that they are more motivated by physical desire. The level of emotional awareness women bring to sexual activity infuses intimacy with an elevated spiritual dimension.

Creating a Romantic Atmosphere
Lighting in the bedroom also affects how people feel. For a more romantic atmosphere, you may want to consider dimmer light. Alternate types of lighting include candles or oil lamps.

Sexual Self-Care
Many people have one-time or infrequent problems related to sexuality; this is no cause for concern.

Realize that every person is unique. People come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Respect yourself and appreciate yourself no matter what your appearance is. If you are experiencing a lack of sexual pleasure due to lack of sexual self-esteem, believe that you are sexually attractive, and you may derive more pleasure from lovemaking.

Problems can be triggered by illness, guilt, fear of pregnancy or physical discomfort. A personal history of shaming or sexual abuse can also inhibit the ability to experience sexual pleasure. 

If you or your partner are unable to experience sexual pleasure for an extended period, i.e. 4–10 weeks, you should consult a health professional.

FEMFEELING Female Sexual Anatomy Guide
The external genitals are the parts of your sexual organs that you can see. They can be found between the inner thighs. A female’s external genitals
consists of the clitoral hood, the clitoris, hymen, the inner and outer lips, mons, perineum, urethra, vaginal opening and vulva.

Social Responsibility

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