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Please note that I decided to name the person in the stories Femfie. The following short stories are based on experiences of teenage girls and women who have expressed their personal stories. Therefore, to protect their privacy and uphold “privacy and confidentiality commitments”, I do not provide any names or personal details. Additionally, the personal circumstances of the story have been changed to further protect the identity of these women and girls.

  •  “ Femfie’s mother did not allow her to show her sexual emotions, that’s why Femfie was afraid of showing sexual emotions. femfeeling has empowered Femfie to set out on a journey of sexual discovery. ”  

  • “ During lovemaking, Femfie experiences stress and anxiety. Since knowing about femfeelings, Femfie feels so much more relaxed. ”


  • “ Femfie mentions that being unable to spread her legs due to a problem before birth, she has great difficulties being sexually active. femfeeling has given Femfie a new perspective on sexual pleasure. ” 


  • Femfie said after breast reconstruction surgery “ I no longer felt like a woman after chemotherapy and surgery. Then I explored the idea of femfeeling and slowly but surely I am re-embracing my sexuality. ” Femfie notes that in her case, Max Grunberg, referred her to a psychologist, who specializes in the emotional problems in the aftermath of breast surgery.

  • Femfie is so afraid of her boyfriend. He becomes violent after a few beers and demands sexual relations. In order to please him, Femfie fakes orgasms. Femfie was able to open up to her mother and then her mother mentioned the FEMFEELING rights. By learning more about her sexual rights Femfie is able to say “NO” to any unwanted sexual relations.


  • Femfie is anxious before intimate relations. It has taken Femfie a while to understand the meaning of femfeeling, but now Femfie is less anxious. ”   


  • Femfie is going through menopause, for 15 years she has been unable to reach fulfillment during intercourse: “ femfeeling has enriched Femfie’s life by opening up a new era of experiencing feelings of pleasure. ”


  • “ Femfie is fearful and nervous before intimate relations due to a sexual trauma. It has taken Femfie a while to understand the meaning of femfeeling, but now Femfie is less fearful before and during intercourse.” Femfie was referred to a psychologist, who specializes in sexual trauma.“ As Femfie was looking in front of the mirror, she caught herself talking to her inner self about these moments of experiencing a femfeeling. What a beautiful feeling of contentment. ”

  • “ Femfie was always afraid to say “NO” to her husband once he approached Femfie to be intimate, as Femfie was brought up that women have an obligation to please their husbands all of the time. When a girlfriend told Femfie about femfeeling, Femfie learned through taking baby steps, to become more sexually assertive. ”

  • “ Femfie’s  partner told Femfie that only if she reaches an orgasm, she is a sexually fulfilled woman. He did not take into account that Femfie has problems bending her knees as a result of a birth defect. Since learning to experience her own femfeelings’, Femfie really knows now what it means to find pleasure and fulfillment during lovemaking, even with her disability. ”

  • “ For Femfie, being widowed for over four years, the femfeeling method has helped her regain her femininity. ”

  • Femfie describes how femfeeling enhanced communication between her and her partner: “ For the first time, thanks to femfeeling, I can communicate my needs to my partner.”

  • Femfie’s young husband, unable to have an erection due to a prostate operation: “FEMFEELING has opened up new dimensions to my Femfie’s sexual fulfillment.”

  • Femfie had a car accident in which her pubic bone was broken and which left her with chronic vaginal pain: “ When Femfie’s gynecologist told Femfie after the accident that she would never enjoy sexual intimacy again, Femfie was devastated. Now, through exploring the rest of her body’s pleasure points, Femfie is able to enjoy her femfeelings and engage in different ways of lovemaking with her husband. ”

  • “ The femfeeling method seems to be a breakthrough in terms of sexual pleasure in a simple way. The ideas presented in the femfeeling Guide are fun, yet are very practical and easy to use. The femfeeling Female Sexual Anatomy Guide also is an eye-opener and allowed me to explore these pleasure points in my own way.”

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