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Question:  What is the FEMFEELING female personal growth program?

Answer:  The FEMFEELING female personal growth program is a self-help tool.  It offers a unique and holistic step-by-step program of sexual self-discovery.

Question:  What makes the FEMFEELING Guide different from any other sexual self-help guide?
Answer:  The FEMFEELING Guide is designed to take a woman through a journey of sexual self-discovery in which she can enhance her romance and sexual pleasure through practical suggestions.

Question:  Who can benefit from the FEMFEELING method?
Answer:  Women in general, and in particular those with arousal difficulties as well those who have
fear of being intimate. Also women coping with sexual difficulties as a result of disabilities, illness, religious or cultural differences can benefit from the FEMFEELING method.

Question:  What is the FEMFEELING experience?
Answer:  The FEMFEELING experience is having female feelings of sexual joy, in a way that only you choose yourself.  The FEMFEELING experience is holistic and associated with feelings of pleasure,
contentment and fulfillment. FEMFEELING experiences are unique personal moments which may vary in sensation, length and intensity. The FEMFEELING experience can be elicited by a touch or a romantic thought. Wherever in the mind or body FEMFEELINGs begin, they are usually felt in the genital area as well.

Question:  How do I start?
Answer:  Start with exploring your sexual feelings of joy, then make a choice regarding which pleasant sexual feeling you would like to explore further. After that, implement your choice in your intimate life, by doing it in baby-steps.  

Question:  How can I contact FEMFEELING
Answer:  You can contact us
at: FEMFEELING; EMBRACE IT TM, P.O. Box 38, Tel Chai 26B/3 Ra'anana, 431001 Israel. Tel. in Israel: 09 7710768; Tel. overseas: 972 9 7710768. E-mail: max@maxgrunberg.com.


Question:  What is
 is a female emotion of sexual pleasure. FEMFEELING: A new choice for today's woman, to nurture her sexual self.

Question:  My teenage daughter is asking me questions about sex. Would the FEMFEELING Guide be appropriate for her to read?
Answer:  Yes. It may be advisable to read the Guide together.

Question:  Should my partner know about the FEMFEELING method?
Answer:  Yes, your partner should know about the FEMFEELING method in order to better understand your personal.

Question:  Is a FEMFEELING Educator able to solve all orgasm problems?
Answer:  FEMFEELING Educator cannot solve all orgasm problems. Most women experience more feelings of sexual joy after learning the FEMFEELING method.

Question:  Is the FEMFEELING method safe?
Answer:  Yes, the FEMFEELING method is safe, as it is holistic in nature. Also you learn to use the FEMFEELING method in the comfort of your own safe environment.

Question:  Do I need to meet FEMFEELING Educator in person?
Answer:  No, a consulting session can be done by phone.

Question:  What do I learn in FEMFEELING consultation session?
Answer:  In FEMFEELING consultation session you learn how to overcome your emotional fear and shame.

Question:  Are there limitations in FEMFEELING consultation session?
Answer:  Yes, there are limitations in FEMFEELING consultation session. You can only change yourself, therefore the focus is on you. The limitation is that you cannot change your partner.

Question:  Is the outcome of FEMFEELING consultation sessions always successful?
Answer:  The success of FEMFEELING consultation is usually that an individual will be motivated to make small changes in their intimate life, yet these changes are long-lasting and lead to more pleasurable sexual feelings.

Question:  Are conversations in a FEMFEELING consultation confidential?
Answer:  Yes, conversations in FEMFEELING consultation session are kept confidential.

Question:  How many phone consultations do I need?
Answer:  This varies according to your difficulties. A woman usually sees improvements within 3 to 5 phone consultations.

Question:  What is the pricing of a phone consultation?
Answer:  The pricing for a confidential phone consultation is available upon request. Please contact max@maxgrunberg.com

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