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It all started out when I performed a survey about women’s preferences regarding how they view “sexual pleasure”.

The survey showed that most women preferred “emotional sexual pleasure” over “physical sexual pleasure”. Although there is a wide range of online material about “emotional sexual pleasure”, there was not a specific method reflecting this idea. Following consultations and research with other professionals in the field 
of sexual emotional healing, the FEMFEELING method was developed. I owe it to my soulmate Yvonne to come up with the word Femfeeling. 

Then the FEMFEELING Sexual Emotional Healing Center was established. The founding principle of the FEMFEELING Sexual Emotional Healing Center is that women and teenage girls, including those with physical, emotional or mental special needs, and women dealing with illness, pregnancy and menopause.  (some cases may need a professional assessment)  are entitled to celebrate their personal moments of FEMFEELINGS

The FEMFEELING Sexual Emotional Healing Center has developed a step-by-step holistic healing program to help women who experience orgasm  difficulties .

It welcomes input from women like yourself. As only together we can achieve our goal in which women in society are entitled and should be able to implement their own feelings of sexual joy. Please send your suggestions to

Max pioneered further the FEMFEELING method and authored The FEMFEELING female personal growth program. Max is
FEMFEELING educator. Living in Israel, Max conducts ongoing research into the FEMFEELING method. Max is available for telephone consultations. He has been married to Yvonne for over 40 years. They have three married children and 8 grandchildren. When Max is not working he enjoys the company of his wife Yvonne and grandchildren. In his spare time, Max is interested in the fate of Missing in Action (MIA) persons.  

For more information, please contact us at max@maxgrunberg.com.

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