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A new sexual choice for women who have difficulties reaching an orgasm: THE FEMFEELING METHOD

FEMFEELING is suitable for all women and teenage girls, including those with special physical, emotional or mental needs, in addition to women dealing with illness, pregnancy and menopause. (Some cases may require a professional assessment)


FEMFEELING is experiencing a female feeling of sexual joy.

… Is it difficult for you to reach an orgasm?
… Are you unable to have an orgasm at all?
… Are you ashamed of your sexual feelings?
… Do you have fears regarding vaginal penetration?

… Do you sometimes fake an orgasm?
… Do you avoid touching your pleasure points?
… Do you feel pressure to climax during sex?
… Do you have difficulties achieving sexual happiness as a result of a disability, illness, an operation or menopause?

Women experience FEMFEELINGS in many unique ways. The FEMFEELING method helps you concentrate on your personal moments of sexual pleasure. 

For more information, please contact us at or call us at +972 9 7710768 (within Israel call 09 7710768)          0544953039

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